Friday, December 9, 2011 new lending library sucks

If you are an independent author you have probably heard about amazon's new program. For me it sucks. Two reasons:

One, they want you to only sell your book on amazon to participate.

The more authors that join and the more books the enroll the smaller each share of the six million becomes. If ten thousand books are enrolled and each one gets an even share thats only six hundred for the year. Which comes out to 50 a month.

Even if the kdp select payout went up to ten million, thats only a thousand dollars a year if all 10,000 books were divided evenly. I don't sell that many books, my readership is a narrow base, and I know that many of my readers use the amazon app on cell phones and Nook readers.

Until I hear a independent making more than $60 per month from one title and still SELLING books on amazon, I can't afford to participate.

And in the NYC area many black women own Nook e readers. And they are my customers. Why would I make a deal that would deny me customers. I think amazon is trying to smash smashwords and barnes and noble.

This program may work for some writers f they are more popular, but at my level in the game I am too small to benefit from be continued.

Alan Cramer writes fiction, not fairy tales

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  1. On the amazon kdp blog some authors are saying that this lending library can lead to more exposure.

    Well this is a good thing but... That might not lead to more money, read above. And to be honest I'm not in this for exposure, I'm trying to make money. I admit that exposure can help you make money, but the proven best way for small time authors to make money is for them to sell books to people.