Sunday, September 11, 2011

Colored People Time-When did the revolution actually start?

I'm not exactly sure when the ebook revolution started. But like many revolutions small individual acts of rebellion were springing up before anyone noticed. Personal computers and the internet were the major social change that made it all possible.

The internet made it possible for a regular dude like me from the Bronx to be able to find a book printer whom I could afford. Soon I had 2,000 books sitting in my living room and was selling books on Bronx street corners. Eventually through internet resources I was able to get my books on Then came Barnes & Noble. At first, a few of my friends and family members didn't take me serious. But when somebody that new me saw my book in Barnes & Noble, I was accepted as an author. But what really excited me was that the big book retailers considered me a publisher.

I had joined the revolution. Six years later, I still deal primarily with amazon and B&N. But I no longer sell print books. All my books go straight to the Kindle or Nook formats. Some authors resisted ebooks in the beginning, but any one who's serious about making money off their writing has joined in.

Yes most books sell for cheaper price, but you can now reach a world wide audience. And you no longer have to worry about the cost of printing, storing and shipping boxes of books.

I say all that to say this: I'm still hearing about African American self published authors who are still trying to sell old fashion, first and foremost. I'm not saying don't sell paperbacks. I'm saying go the ebook format first. Let me put it to you like this, imagine selling 10,000 copies of a book that didn't cost you nothing but time to make. And all you had to do was upload the book to the internet and collect the checks.

Don't be late for the revolution

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